Human resources policy

Grenergy is committed to increasing the ethnic, cultural and social diversity of its workforce. Our hiring practices are transparent and objective, seeking to give full scope to identifying optimal talent and staffing.

Training Policies Grenergy believes that training and ongoing education at every level is essential for the continued growth of its employees and the company. Employees are encouraged to continue their professional development through various training programs locally and internationally at Grenrgy.

Selection Policies Grenergy is committed to a diversified workplace with a collaborative work environment and employees hailing from different backgrounds, ethnicities, lifestyles and belief systems

Positions vacant

Contact person: Zou (Personnel Administration Department)


Location: No. 12 Zhangbei Road, Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

1. Overseas salesmen: (more than one)

1.1. Men and women, 22-30 years old;

1.2. Formal full-time college or above; major in international trade, business English and marketing;

1.3. CET-4 or above, CET-4 or above, CET-4 or above, with more than one year experience in relevant positions;

1.4. Familiar with customs, trade processes and international business rules of various countries;

1.5. Excellent English written and oral expression skills, strong business awareness and negotiation skills, pioneering ability;

1.6. Those who have sales experience of Ni-MH batteries, Li-ion batteries or excellent second language are preferred.

1.7. Strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, conscientious work, strong sense of responsibility, strong resistance to pressure;

2. Domestic salesmen - more than one Job requirements

2.1. College degree, 23-28 years old.

2.2. Basic marketing ability, familiar with the electronic industry is preferred!

2.3. Ability to express and communicate skillfully and smoothly, and to independently develop potential domestic customers. Enthusiasm! Happy personality, smart.

2.4. Driver's license, skilled driver is preferred!

3. PACK Engineer - More than one

3.1. Familiar with battery PACK process, rich experience in manufacturing and management, more than three years of experience in the same position;

3.2. Familiar with lithium iron phosphate, lithium ion, lithium polymer, nickel-hydrogen battery characteristics.

3.3. Familiar with the whole assembly and production process of batteries, as well as the control points of production operation;

3.4. Familiar with CAD, PROE and other drawing software, able to use and debug various battery packaging equipment and instruments;

3.5. Familiar with assembly technology and BMS characteristics of electric bicycle batteries, electric motorcycle batteries and energy storage batteries

3.6. Strong understanding and technical execution.

3.7. Be good at communicating and cooperating with business colleagues, solving customers'questions and solutions, cooperating with production to improve production efficiency and product reliability, cooperating with procurement, and continuously improving supplier level.

Operating duty: Sample development and follow-up of sample trial production Production follow up