About Grenergy

About Us

Founded in 2010, Grenergy, is an experienced and reliable manufacturer of Green Energy solutions and rechargeable batteries. We have Staff of 200+ with senior staff and management having 20+ years of experience in the field. Grenergy has Experienced R&D team and hence can provide customized & One Stop Solution for global OEM/ODM customers. We can also doCost & Leadtime optimization as per customers’ requirements. With strictest quality assurance policy, Grenergy ensures the highest standards in all production stages, offering high-quality battery products, with a focused goal of providing a world class solution. To conclude, Grenergy is committed to offering innovative battery and energy solutions that would prove to be not only profitable but also environment friendly. Grenergy provides reliable solutions & batteries in various fields, such as Home UPS/Inverters, Solar/Wind energy Storage, Telecom, Emergency backup solutions, Power Tools, R/C products, Medical equipment, Boats & Yatch, Electric Motorcycle, etc. We have flexible production lines for high mix & low volume productionand separate dedicated mass production lines. Our products are sold worldwide, including United States , UK, South America, Europe, India, Australia. Now that you know about us, talk to us about you, tell us about your requirements, email to : info@grenergycn.com.


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